What colors of painting can do.

Sundance of the Sunflowers - painting by Helen Sanderson

Just sharing my journey of paintings.  This one is only an 8 x 8 but my sweet husband took the liberty of hanging it up already in the kitchen.  He says.."I just love the colors, it feels happy."  I thought for a moment, well,  that is my intention when I paint.  I want people to feel my great joy for it, but the colors I feel inside feel bright so when I paint I look to find a way to get that in there.  I am greatly attracted to flowers. I know, everyone, I mean everyone paints them.  But, one thing I have learned about painting is you have to want to paint your subject, at least for me. I try really hard to have some kind of flowers around my house, but I will admit that gardening here in the high desert with a lot of deer around is very hard.  Maybe I can grasp the idea of painting flowers at some point.  Wish me luck. 

The earth is a magical place. At best I believe one of the greatest artist ever..because let's admit how bland it would be if there were not sprinkles of gorgeous color surrounding meadows, mountains, gardens and homes. Flowers just say "Be happy". 

My thought for the day is ..."My true destination is the actual journey."

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