Mesmerized by my tiny oil painting.

painting of flowers in a pot
"Glorious Color" -tiny 5 x 7 original oil painting of flowers in a pot

Sometimes taking a moment to do something  that is just pure fun is the best thing you can do for yourself.  When I paint, my mind is trapped in the here and now. It feels great.  With paints you can feel and explore the beautiful colors of this earth..because this is actually how paints get their colors..the earth itself.  Flowers are some of my most favorite subjects to paint. I really can't paint them well, but I try anyways. By the way....

Thank you to my friends and customers for all of your support for 2016.

"My wish for you is that you live a life of imagination. That you seek what is possible in you.  That you dream bigger, hope more then ever, love larger and experience things that you have never seen.  May you speak strong and clear and fill the world with wisdom, and that you honor the body that carries the greater you. May you gain strength from far and unseen places. May your steps guide you in the direction that holds you fast towards your dreams and opens doors for a thousand others and more to find their dreams. May you be renewed by that which breathes life into us all. Most importantly know that you are surrounded by great love and because of that... your life will be the difference in others... but, my greatest wish for you is... serious happiness.. 

Happy New Years Everyone!!.

Love, Helen

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