Learning to paint in water mixable oils

oil painting of a fox
"In the distance" - 12 x 16 oil painting of a fox

Your probably wondering ..why so many paintings.  I know. I wonder too. Lately, I have cravings of painting on the brain.  The weather in my area has been so blistery cold, and snowy. This makes painting a nice down time for me. One thing about painting is it is soothing to my brain and relaxing.  When I paint, I also feel more creative with my jewelry designs.  I started painting this year for fun and I really am enjoying it. I am learning to paint loose..hopefully. I have been using the Cobra Royal Talens water mixable oil.  This company has a lot of good you tube information to help you better understand this great paint. No more turpentine!!

The weather has been very snowy here in central Oregon.  You probably think we have always had a lot of snow. Well, not really, not for the last 20 years.  It can snow but then it goes away pretty quick, except for this year. This year, it just keeps coming and coming and it is starting to change life around here. All of this shoveling takes time.  Since my husband had back surgery 2 months ago, he can't shovel right now. So this is me trying to do some of it.   Feels like a hopeless thing at times considering that it snows so much. It's kind of like doing dishes. Another issue is now that my shop is in town, getting to my shop is also another battle. I have a lot of new items to photograph when I get the chance I will be posting a few pics here..so stay tuned!

Have a great day everyone!



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