Winter Blues with Peruvian Blue Opal

peruvian blue opal gemstone ring sterling silver wide band ring
Peruvian Blue Opal Chunky Sterling Silver Ring
Okay, so I am getting bit tired out of the snow already.  We are yet expecting another 12-18 inches of snow between today and tomorrow.  My city has a difficult time with keeping up on the plowing of our roads here.  I am starting to feel the "winter blues".  I thought I would share this ring I made for the Winter Market last month.  I will be listing it on Etsy...still for sale!!

I admit sometimes during this time of the year I might just crave a bit of warmth with a sunny day on the beach and the feeling of my bare feet in the sand. You know, a white flowy dress, a sun hat and an amazing view of the ocean.  I can feel the warmth of the sun and a slight breeze of the wind on my face.  I see children running on the beach and feel the joy of those around me..   Okay, it's a dream in a dream..

SO....Keep Dreaming...never stop!  Back to the cold...

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