Happy New Year My Friends!

 So here we are..year 2013!  Time does fly by pretty quick and it is a common phrase..so I hope you all are enjoying your family and friends this time of the years! 

I would like to start my new year with positive energy and pushing out some love on some of my favorite sellers and items on Etsy. As you may know,  I sell my work on Etsy and I also love to buy handmade goods on Etsy. Here are a few things I have bought recently as gifts for my family this last Christmas!

Gift #1. This beautiful sweet mortar and pestle comes from Mary Carol Perez Pottery, in Cave Junction Oregon.  I bought this for my mother in law and it makes a great kitchen tool for making spice rubs and crushing garlic!  I have yet to buy one for myself..but It is perfect! 

Gift #2.  I actually bought 3 of these wonderful IPad carriers. Oh my gosh they are awesome! They are well made and even fit Ipads with a smartcase if you use one. I bought these for the Ipad people in my life..including one for myself. Yes!  It functions very nicely and I just put my Ipad in here and put into my messenger bag and off I go. I purchased these in this etsy shop all the way in Lithuania, here: BluCaseAaron the owner is also having a sale..check it out!

Gift #3.  I bought this beautiful leather journal sketchbook for a dear friend of mine. She is also a jewelry artist and I am hoping that she may find some use in drawing out her sketches on regular paper.  With all of the complicated drawing software, I find the old fashion way of your own hand, pencil and paper..the ideal method.  This journal is beautifully made by Mary Lynn Schroeder of In Blue on Etsy.  She also inscribed my friends name on the left side of the design.

 Gift #4. This gift is for my daughter..sweet Sophia!  I bought several of these also, because they are practical and pretty gifts for the young girl in your life as well as myself! I am always trying to keep my hair out of my work space..so these help quite a bit. You can find them on Etsy in this shop here: Bargain Headbands.  They are well made and priced affordable I must say too!

Gift #5.  I bought this live edge mesquite serving board for my cousin.  She is just newly married and I thought this would be great for a person who is loving to learn how to cook!  It seemed to be a hit and the board is beautiful. The rich dark color and sturdiness makes it a great piece just to have on your kitchen counter everyday.  One of my favorites for sure. I bought this on Etsy in this shop here: JenniferandJohn    They don't seem to have much in inventory at this time, but if you search ..there are a lot of live edge cutting boards on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed the sharing. There is so much to like on Etsy. I find it amazing at what the human hand is capable of on a simple level.   I am also grateful Etsy exist and that our world can come together "hand in hand" promoting a wholesome way of life. Cheers my friend.  WE sellers on Etsy appreciate all of the love and support we have from our customers. I know I do..and I am grateful for all of you!

 Wishing our friends and family much love, happiness, success and health! Live life doing what you love and love what you do!!  Happy New Year!  Cheers!

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