I made this men's turquoise bracelet for a customer for Father's Day! 

I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend!  It was a really great weekend for me and it was nice having today (Sunday) off to play with my family!  My daughter and I made her dad a nice breakfast and later decided to ride our bikes into to town to have lunch and watch the free concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheater to watch a sweet acoustic rock band called "Harley Bourbon". 

It was so much fun! This band actually rock and rolls, and they actually made the community of Bend feel like dancing on their feet!  Believe me, it's not a usual site to see lot's of people cutting loose here at the free concerts!  It was great watching the dads dance with their sweet kids!  I definitely had a great time!  So..thanks Harley Bourbon peoples! I wish I had pics, but I did not bring my phone this time..bummer!

More gorgeous stacking rings in silver. This set includes a 4 mm diamond, sapphire, and london blue topaz.  This set is absolutely sweet in real life. One of my favorites!

Lately, the flowers have started blooming and FINALLY summer feels like it is beginning here in Bend, Oregon.  The weather here changes drastically within 20 degrees each day and sometimes the cold dark cloudy weather can steal a day or two..or three..and then we get some sunshine!  I know the weather is changing every where..so I should not complain. I think that I am going to have to take vitamin D next year, because it certainly feels like we are getting less sun here every year.  Our summers can feel terribly short! But, I am keeping my fingers crossed because this year it seems to be starting earlier then the last few summers!   Here are few pics of what I am so lucky to see in my garden everyday!

Flowers are just beautiful!
I think these are wild flowers..called weeds!

Strawberries are coming back..YAY!

Peppermint is seriously taking over.

 More herbs..sage I think!

I bought these for the garden..they remind me of mother nature smiling!

I hope you all enjoy the summer season! It is my favorite time of the year. I hope this summer will be much longer and more enjoyable for me at least.  The last two summers have been so tough with my mom becoming seriously ill...so I really really need this summer to be great!


Dominika Wotzka said...

great blog! I invite you to myself:)

Inspirational Genius said...

"Whoa!" This post got me thinking about Florida (my home state). The crisp and vibrant images nurture the soul.

Please visit my 'not so current' blog. (smile) Inspirationalgenius.blogspot.com


Inspirational Genius said...

Awesome details and "Whoa!" what a vibrant image of foliage. I miss Florida terribly.

Visit my 'not so current' blog. I putting my 'pen to the parchment' more often with this warm weather just around the corner.