Happy New Years Everyone!

blue moonstoneSterling Silver Moonstone Ring

Wow..what a beautiful day it is today! I was outside taking a few quick pictures after working in the shop all day and sun sun sun..come on in! I don't know but winter is just so nice this year. We had a tiny bit of snow one day and that was it. No more snow. Although, it's not good for our skiers for Mt. Bachelor here in Bend. I have to admit..I love skiing. Winter actually started at the end of December, so I will keep my fingers crossed for snow in the mountains.

moonstone silver ring
This ring you see here is a 14 x10 mm faceted gem cut stone. It has a pointy back side ..so the bezel is tall. I did this as a commission for a customer who asked me to set her stone, and here is the results! It is a beautiful chunky moonstone ring with lots of blue flash! I had a lot of fun making a step bezel for this stone. This customer was so patient with me..I am awfully grateful because it was nice to not be so in a hurry for once!

Well I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Wishing you much success and health in the upcoming year!



Ms.Stephanie said...

Your ring is gorgeous. I can't stop staring at the blue stone.

Sharyl said...

"Gorgeous, gorgeous!" were my thoughts too, so I think it's a consensus!

Happy New Year!

Ninjaa240 said...

I cannot thank you enough, Helene. This ring is absolutely what I had pictured. Your work is beautiful.

Joanne said...

Oh my you have some fantastic pieces! :) I love this ring.

carolyn said...

Your customer is one LUCKY LADY! What a beautiful ring!