I love being green

vesuvianite gold ringVasonite aka Vesuvianite set in 14k gold filled ring patterned ring band.

Isn't this stone just a beautiful green color? Wow. It's not easy to find an all natural green gemstone like this. I love green tourmaline but it is difficult to find a nice green one sized like this. This is called "Vasonite" or aka "Vesuvianite". I only have a very few of these and probably will not be able to get more.

14k gold filled patterned ring band

I am feeling much more comfortable working with gold filled and solid gold these days. The trick for solid gold is to anneal your metals to soft..or simply just order dead soft. The other thing is learning to use a punch when setting stones. I actually enjoy it..but you do have to have a pretty hard stone in my opinion as a beginner. The only thing that makes me tense is the cost of gold. It can be tense when working with it..because you may make a mistake ...and well you know! But hey! You can recycle it and sell it back..so it's not so bad.

I can also make these rings in solid gold if you would like...just let me know!

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Samsincre said...

i love your bijoux! you are very good in your job!
best wishes!