Protect your lungs!

foredom filter hood
My husband said to me ..." you better wear a face mask when your doing this stuff". I admit, I am very bad about it. But, not too long ago I was reading somewhere the effects of the micron dust particles that will most likely stay trapped in your lungs forever. I suppose that it would be similar to smoking or inhaling smoke and chemicals all day. Well, if you make will do this. And it is best to think about setting up a shop that is also safe for you as well. It does take some thought and money too.

foredom filter hood
This is the new Foredom filter hood that my husband broke down and bought me. I am encouraged to wear my mask still to be extra safe. This thing is nice as it has a built in vacuum suction that also can catch fine precious metal particles..which you can send to a refinery too! It also has the light which helps your eyes.

I am trying to reorganize my shop in which I can use this machinery for my bench lathe as well as my hand piece or flex shaft. Sort of tricky as space is always an issue for me. But, I have to do it..because what is your health worth?

The other thing I would like to do someday is install a ventilation hood over my soldering station. This is very expensive to do it seems. Right now I am using a tiny fan that I turn on over me to blow the air away. It seems to work well for the cheap.

If your interested in a Foredom Filter Hood you can check them out at Otto Frei, or Rio Grande I am sure. You can also just google it..too see what comes up!

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I have been playing catch up on orders all week long. Today I am sending out 5 orders more..whew! I am tired. But, I will have some pics for you later today or tomorrow.

Thanks all...have a great weekend!

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