Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my friends! I am just checking in to say a quick hello! It has been snowing here for nearly a month up here in the mountains! The skiers are finding their way in and so are the deer! I wake up every morning and this is what I get to see out my back yard! They are beautiful..but they will eat everything you plant in the summer!

I am proud to say that I am finally caught up with all of my orders and the last piece will go out on Monday! Whew! It sure feels good to be finished. I am busy working at the retail store for now..and if I get any free time..will start to build up a "ready to ship" section. I am trying to be ahead for Valentines Day..since I am missing out on Christmas sales!

Just finished these up yesterday. I just love copper and labradorite together..seriously beautiful!

And also this cornflower blue chalcedony sterling silver ring..already to go too!

I will be back after Christmas ready to go. It will be nice to visit with family and relax when the dust settles.

Just thinking of you all. I hope your all having a good month too! I know it is hectic, but take a moment to reflect what it really is about. I am so grateful for my simple yet blessed life..and I thank a lot of you all who help me keep it this way!

I am still selling check it out at

❤ Helene


Kitchen-Dreams said...

lovely, peaceful post.

aquariann said...

Beautiful photographs and jewelry! Merry Christmas. :D

modern viking vixen said...

the ring is beautiful <3

cartier love bracelet said...

wow,me too,i like these.very nice.

ItsMeRoxy said...

OMG that ring is so amazing beautiful!
and the photographs are also very cute