Hello from Helenes Dreams! Happy Summer!

stacking rings sterling silver peridot citrine sunstoneSummer Stacking Ring
Whiskey Quartz, Peridot and Oregon Sunstone on Sterling Silver

The month of May has been hectic! Well, in a good way. I truly can't complain, but it has been a very busy month. First, there was Mother's day, then I hit a milestone birthday..I can't tell which one! And then, Memorial Weekend brought many friends and family around..as well as the birthday party did too! So yes, between working a day job, being a mom and making my jewels..I have been so very busy.

goldfilled stacking ring moonstone sterling silverEarthy Organic 14kt Goldfilled Stacking Ring
Moonstone and Sterling Silver

Although, living up here in the mountains can be beautiful it does have its downfalls too. Well, at least for this last 6 months it has. Our weather has been so cold and gloomy. We rarely can shake our clouds. Getting a good photo is tough with our lighting situation. The photo below is a sunny day ..the way it should be. But, it has not been this sunny. I would rather look at this instead of the May grey we are having...blah! I am seriously cherishing this photo right now. I swear the weather has been so weird this year. We typically have 70 degree weather around this time with lots of sun..but this year we are averaging 58 to 65 degrees ...on the chilly side....with no sun!

central oregon campingA Nice Day in Central Oregon- May Picture

But, we did have one very nice weekend in May which allowed us to go on a quick camping outing with our new RV on a last minute basis. The weather can change daily here, but we were lucky to find a spot that was open that weekend. 20 minutes away!

central oregon campingOur new travel trailer. Its about time we go camping around here!

My scruffy honey has always wanted one of these, and NOW is the time to buy one. He says this is my birthday present. But, I think it's a real present for him.. really! We have lived in the Central Oregon area for over ten years and we do not camp out as much as we would like. It's way too much work, but hopefully we will now. I guess it doesn't help that our son played serious soccer all over the place every summer for the last ten years as well! We are excited. I have to admit, this is our first real big toy. We had to save up for a very long time to get this..I hate being in debt!

We also inherited a new puppy..his name is "Hops"..Hopson Barley that is. My husband loves beer! But, the name "Hops" suits this dog..because he is very acrobatic and literally can hop or jump very high. My daughter is enjoying her new friend..and we are enjoying him. He is a mini Australian Shepard. He is a red merle with blue eyes, super smart and intelligent as well! Our other adorable Shitzu is still hangin around..it is hard to see her age. My children are ten years apart, and so are the dogs!

Well, thanks for letting me catch up with you all a bit. Believe me ..I could tell you more. I don't want to bore you with my life! Ha Ha!

But, I hope you are all enjoying your warmer weather. We are praying for some here, but it feels like it's not going to come here for a while. I will check back in when I get a chance. Being so busy keeps blogging on the lag lately..but I try my best!

Have a great summer season my friends! Cheers! hugs, Helene

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Debbie said...

Hi Helene!
I love your new trailer, great picture! Wonderful picture from "home" too.
I'm enjoying my little peruvian earrings I bought, they are very comfortable and lovely!
Have a great evening!