Metal Smithing - Free Online Tutorials

You Tube has been amazing. You can learn a lot from all kinds of friendly people willing to share a tip or two!

Two places online I look to for metalsmithing info are Ganoksin and YouTube ! Simply insert the technique or term you are looking for in the search window and hopefully you will find something of interest.

Here are just a few interesting tutorials I have also found online:

Bezel Setting Tutorial

Making Strong Secure Jumprings from How-To-Make-Jewelry

Making a lot of Headpins Free Tutorial from Etsy

Jewelry 101 - Making Headpins from Michon Jewelry Blog

Making Headpins: Video demo from Beading Daily

Patinas - Using Liver of Sulphur from Holly Gage

Pantinas from Ganoskin - this site here alone is filled with immense amounts of information from serious jewelry artist!

Fold Forming from Ganoksin

Lost Wax Casting from Expert Village

Viking Knit Chain Making from YouTube

Beginners Corner from Ganoksin
- on the left hand side of this site you will see the word "Articles" under this word click "Browse by category", this will open up a great list to chose from.

From Beginning to Very Complex - Tutorials by Hans Meevis

Bench Jewelers Television Network - some of this is free or for a small monthly fee you can attain some great tutorials here.

MetalSmithing from Art Jewelry Magazine

MetalSmithing from Jewelry Artist Magazine

How to make a tube bezel setting for faceted gemstones

As you know I am just learning about metal smithing too! Please visit my Blog archive for other posts on the tools, equipment, and experiences on what I have been learning.

As always 101BestBeads is a great place to get your high quality, affordable cabs for setting in your lovely designs.

Thanks everyone!


TheEclecticElement said...

Okay, I seriously <3 you right now!! Why you ask? Well because I really REALLY would love to get into metal smithing, but I don't have the $$$ to take a class.
I'm going to have to bookmark this page cause it has some great sites and info :D
Thanks so much!

Christine said...

Hi Helen! Thanks so much for linking to me :) So funny- I was looking for tutorials to link to for my newsletter and I found your page, and I found... me :)

Thanks for the link - I'm linking right back atcha in this month's "I'm Making Jewelry in my Jam Jams"

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

Malicious Intent said...

OH it is great to see you have a blog. I am really looking forward to getting my labradorite earrings. I bead too, but my time does not allow me much anymore. So I do appreciate a good designer. I also knew the value of that cut of labrodorite I am getting. Not easy to find.
My blog is private, if you wanna get in...more than welcome. Just leave me a message at

I'll be looking over making is so much fun and a great outlet for relaxing.

Little Lovables said...

Wonderful post! I took a metal smithing class about 8 years ago and I loved it, I certainly would like to learn it again and the videos sure are tempting.