What it is like to be a MOM!

The stories you have been sharing about all of your mom's is wonderful! Sometimes it is nice just to have a good thought and be able to put somethings into perspective. I really enjoy being a mom myself. I can't claim it to be an easy task, but the emotional and spiritual rewards are beyond words. I think most of us "Moms" would agree greatly that it is a love or feeling that can go so very very deep. And with this I must say that ..we all need this kind of love in our lives. It really does complete us.

With that being said...check out this most funny video.."The Mom Song". It's a nutshell of my silly life these days! Since I was going to be out of town in the next few days..I wanted to share this with you...so Happy Mother's Day!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVE the video...it's spot on...and very funny!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Love your site! Just had to sign up for your newsletter!! :)

I am a mommy that helps people get the chemicals out of their home!