I won my First Giveaway!

Wow, I won my first giveaway and I am just so happy! Although I promote giveaways on my blog..I can never enter them! So when I go promoting giveaways..I end up seeing others and well yeah..I find myself entering them too! And guess what I won...whoo hoo! Thank you so much to Shonnie Girl from Etsy.

This peice is a 6X6 mixed media painting on wood. It is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. I put this up in my daughter's room. We are so grateful to have it. Shonna is amazing and a very gifted and talented artist. Thank you Shonna!

Here are a few more pieces of her art work:

This one is called "Moonbeam"! How whimsical, bright and just happy this is. Gosh it is adorable! I love all of the colors. It is simply peaceful to the eye! I sort of feel like this could be me sitting on the moon!

This piece is called "Liberty"! Wow Shonna! You can take this beautiful character and go into your own fantasy hero story. I love super hero's...she reminds me of one. The name "Liberty"is perfect!

Please take a moment to check out ShonnieGirl on Etsy. Her shop is filled with creative and beautiful art. She also has a cool blog as well at http://twistedfigures.blogspot.com!

Thanks Shonna for your great giveaway!


always_317537 said...

Congratulations on winning your first giveaway! If you have time ,stop by my blog. I have 3 awesome giveaways going on. Have a blessed day :)


Shonna said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!!! You are such a sweetie!!!!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

These are beautiful! I missed that giveaway so you are lucky!


hollyzhobby said...

Congrats! It's such an awesome feeling to win these wonderful giveaways and a fun surprise when they arrive in the mail. Have a great day.

lovely little deer said...

What a wonderful win!
Feels so good to win something doesn't it! xx

Turtle said...

congrats! iT IS LOVELY! (OOPS CAPS)

cottoncolors said...

Congrats on your win! What a lovely piece of artwork!

PussDaddy said...

That is really nice. Congrats on winning!


Micki said...

Conratulations on winning, Shonna's art is fab!

Micki x

Princess Caitlin said...

yay for you! That's so awesome!
I won a giveaway recently, too!
And then held a giveaway... so fun :D
Thanks for entering mine - it was a big success.