Yummy Yummy Homemade Soaps!

Hi Everyone! It's been a few days, and I just wanted to share a few things with you! My dearest friend Kim has recently joined Etsy to sell her most awesome incredible goats milk and shea butter soaps! She also sells them for really affordable pricing. I have to tell you ...I don't think she can continue at these prices! She insists on giving everyone an incredible opportunity to have some yummy homemade soaps. I will tell you that these soaps smell incredible, lather up very nicely and they really hep with your skin. All ingredients are natural. You have to try it!

For nearly 2 years now, Kim has been working at my store,Postal Connection, and everyday Kim brings her best friend in Peanut. Peanut is a mixed breed dog and has been the light of Kim's life. Peanut is a very smart dog. She has human senses and it always felt like she was speaking to us through her big eyes! She also wears clothing...like you and I , everyday! Recently Peanut has fallen ill. We found out that she has Diabetes- Insulin dependent, Cushing's Disease and she is now completely blind! Wow. Kim has been devastated and has been trying desperately to raise more money to pay for a lot of vet bills.

I am amazed at the endurance and love for Peanut that Kim has. Not only is she a good mother to her children, but she loves this dog like her own child. Many vets have advised her to let Peanut down..rest forever..but Kim will not have it. Even if her vet bills are thousands of dollars Kim will work and find a way to keep her little friend alive. Honestly, it is stuff like this that makes everyday worth it. Watching those who make sacrifices and seeing how happy they are as friends. I love both of them and want to find a way to support them.

Check out Kims Etsy store. http://peanut541.etsy.com
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