Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple Rose Cut Diamond Ring

I just listed this in my shop today!  A sweet simple 4mm moissanite diamond ring!  I just love it!  It's absolutely sweet and makes a great promise ring, engagement ring or even a simple wedding ring!  This diamond sets in sterling silver, but can also easily be made in gold at your preference!

It also stacks well with other rings.  I originally made this ring to go with other stacking rings shown below..

Have a great day everyone!  Happy Summer!


moonsword said...

Your work is fabulous...I love your gem choices! I've featured you on my blog...stop by when you get a chance. Cheers!

diamond jewelry online store said...

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mohamed faizel said...

superb - faizel

Bridget Rossi said...

That's simplicity at its finest! Who says simple can't be beautiful? Moissanites are guaranteed that these never lose their optical properties. Well, many years from now, it will still be as beautiful and brilliant like the first time you bought it. Such a lovely diamond! :)

Lovisa Ellison said...

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