Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day from Helene's Dreams!!

mothers birthstone ring
Mother's Birthstone Rings Handstamped - Helene's Dreams Jewelry

It's been a pretty busy week with handcrafting these mother birthstone rings. I think about each child when I make them...wonder what they are like and how sweet it is that some mom will be thinking about their child when they look at this ring. 

I wanted to do a Mother's day Giveaway contest and yet because I just became a bit to busy ..I was not able to make that happen.  I will be hosting a  Summer Days Giveaway in June, so please check back.

Gold mothers birthstone ring
Gold Mother's Birthstone Ring - Helene's Dreams Jewelry

Just a few other things. I have and still am working on new designs. I will be in my very first show this summer at The Oxford Suites here in Bend, Oregon with the Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild. The show dates are August 5-7th, 2016.  I am so excited!!  It's really pushing me to get my ideas out now!!  NO excuses!

name bar necklace
Sterling Silver Bar Name Necklace - Helene's Dreams Jewelry

 And last but least...I am working on a my own personal website right now!!  This is the real deal!  As much as I am grateful to Etsy for all of the love it has given me...I am thinking I need to get a little bit diversified so that all my eggs are not in one basket.  I will be updating this post when the site link is ready.

Thanks for reading and checking in!
xo Helene

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wide Gold Ring Band with a Mountain, Tree and River Scene listed in my shop!

Gold Ring Nature Scene Mountains River
 Wide Gold Ring Band with Mountains, Trees and River Carved Into it

Just listed in my shop yesterday!  This gorgeous ring came to life by request from a dear and sweet customer in Canada.  She asked me to make her a ring that had a mountain and river with some trees on it as it is her favorite place to go run.   I could not refuse this lesson!

A few years back, I had taken some wax carving classes with Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine.  Yes, I flew to the east coast for a work shop.  It was so much fun.  Since then, I admit with the selling of our family retail store and having to build a new home, I sort of set aside my wax endeavors.   But then,this asking came along ...and well here is the outcome.  It turned out gorgeous in my mind... truly beautiful.  I really want to make more now!  Check it out in my Etsy shop.

mothers ring with flush set gemstones

14kt Gold Mothers ring with flush set birthstones

Mother's Day is around the corner and I must admit gold is the thing these days.  I'm one of those lucky people who can wear either silver or gold.  I love both metals and find beauty and great styles in both of them.   I sell a lot of the Mother's rings in sterling silver, but gold is always a much better choice as it will hold the engraving longer then silver and overall just wear better.   These rings are great to add your children's names or date of birth, or a word that reminds you of someone or something.  Adding the birthstones will just make it more sparkly. And of ourse you can always have either yellow or white gold.  Remember, mom truly deserves the best!

Thanks for checking in friends.  Cheers!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Damn! It's about time for a Helene's Dreams Jewelry Giveaway!

Hand Stamped Ring, Wide Silver hammered ring band, Hand Stamped Jewelry, Personalized custom engraved ring, 
Wide Sterling Silver Personalized Engraved Handstamped Ring Band Giveaway

Well  H E L L O  folks!  I have to admit it has been awhile and my blog is getting a bit dusty.  I decided that it's time to blow off the ole dust and get back into the swing of things here.  As you all know Christmas is around the corner, and once again we are at this time of the year!!!

So, instead of rambling on about what my last year was like with my mom having yet another stroke... I want to focus on what is positive and what I am grateful to be doing now and today.  I am going to kick this bit of depression right off to the side and say hello to being here now, be happy for who I am and where I am at in my life.

So, please help me celebrate my mother's life and my own by being a part of this giveaway!  I need a bit of boost and you my friends always seem to do it!!

The Helene's Dreams Jewelry Giveaway

personalized engraved custom handstamped mothers ring

 I am giving away this gorgeous sterling silver wide ring band with your very own
personalized word or wording.  It is a unisex ring band and will be made to order for the lucky winner in their own ring size!!!   The description of this ring can be seen here in my shop here at Helene's Dreams .  It retails for $81.00.  Rafflecopter is generating this giveaway with several entry options.  It will begin on 11/5/2015 12:00 AM.  It is open to everyone in the world so long as you can receive US mail adequately!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  The winner of this ring will be picked on Dec. 6, 2015 by Raffelcopter and will be announced here on my please check back to verify. 

If you are interested in signing up for other giveaways of many kinds, 
please visit this great site here:  Online Sweepstakes.

Thank you for taking the time to participate.  I appreciate the business support.

 Good Luck!

Comments are welcomed below! Please say hello!



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pretty in Blue Topaz!

London Blue Topaz Gemstone Set in Sterling Silver Floral Ring band

Well, it's been a bit of a crazy year for me.... selling a retail store, a home, and then building a new home has been challenging, yet, rewarding too. I am so glad to have finally made it here.  The best feeling is getting out of a ton of debt that was weighing us down.  We were able to sell our home at market price and retain our down payment so we can move on.  After struggling with such a hard economy, it made us realize where we really needed to be with our finances.  Making jewelry is such an honor, but still, working for yourself is always more risky and getting out of this debt has allowed me to focus just on my jewelry business alone.  Thank you GOD! I am doing what I love!

After enduring the hard recession, we decided to cut way back.  We built a new home one that is smaller with a smaller mortgage.  We now live south of town, instead of the prime west side.  We decided that we had to really evaluate what it is we needed and what was important.  We moved into the new smaller house of July 2014. 

I am finally in my brand spanking new workshop...and it's warm and cozy.  I was able to get a few cabinets in that were cheap from a remodel with Bank of the Cascades and now I have industrial cabinets in my shop.  Pretty nice.  I have NO more excuses. I need to start letting my creative juices flowing now!  (pictures to come)

Lately, I have been posting pictures to my Facebook account. Not sure I like FB, but I am finding it difficult to manage a web store, blog, FB, twitter and Instagram...oh and Pinterest too.  It's just too much socializing!!

Ok, well I promise to touch base much sooner then the last post.  I have a lot of ideas in mind and I am going to focus on maintaining FB and the blog for now.  I miss my blog! So stay in touch.

This ring above was fun to make and I would love to make it again with other stones if your interested contact me through Etsy and we'll chat about it.  

Thanks for reading...


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I build jewelry...they build the house!

ruby set in a gold and silver ring
Ruby in Gold Bezel Silver Chunky Ring

 Lately, I have had the honors and joy of making some new pieces.  I love setting stones and of course some are easy and some are challenging.  Wide ring bands are beautiful, but getting the bezel to curve just right on to the ring is somewhat challenging for me still.  I admit, it's like anything does get easier.  

The ring above is a genuine "travenier" irregular cut ruby gemstone.  It is a beautiful stone, but it does have some inclusions and would be labeled near the industrial cut of a ruby.  It's organic and it's own way.  Very pretty, and organic looking.     I had a lot of fun watching this come together.  Need something special?  Let me know! I would love to try to make something really special for you.

green prehnite silver ring

 Green Prehnite Gemstone Silver Ring

This gorgeous prehnite gemstone is just amazing as well.  Did you know that it is a natural occuring colored gemstone?  It's beautiful. Sometimes I think diamonds are just so over rated.  Go figure.  Of course I still love diamonds too...don't get me wrong!

adair home 1952 plan
adair home 1952 plan

The house is coming along as well. The roof is on and the plumbers have been out to install the bathtubs and showers already!  Today the HVAC guy was working on the heat/air system.  Gosh, at this rate maybe we can move in a little earlier? 

deschutes river woods bend oregon

And the walk to the house at lunch today was just beautiful. The canal is running and wow is it just a spectacular day to feel well and alive.  I am sincerely grateful.

Enjoy your day folks!  I will check in next week!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Framing the house...and yes..more jewelry too!

adair home 1952 plan
 Front of the 1952 Adair Home

 Well, here we are!  The house is starting to come along and the framing of it is going faster then I thought.  The trusses are not yet on, but hopefully tomorrow they will be up and going!

So far the process with Adair Homes here in Central Oregon has been awesome! I can't complain. Building a home can be so hard as there are many many many aspects that come along.  Together, with Adair and their team of people we are able to make each step happen with little strife.  

I did a LOT of research and I mean a lot of foot work when I shopped for a builder for this home.  My husband and I have been through this process once before and we felt we needed to work with a builder who would give us the greatest value and quality for our money. It is not cheap to buy or build a house we wanted to be sure we could work well together.

Adair was great about exposing their suppliers, which are all local name brands.  We were also able to see several model homes and view the guts of the home all the way up to major upgrades.   Importantly, the customer service is great. People answer their phones and they do call you back pretty quick.

adair home 1952 plan
Back side of the 1952 Adair Home

We were able to buy an acre in Deschutes River Woods for a much much more affordable price then on the "prime" west side of Bend.  Although, we love the west side of Bend,  we decided that we wanted space to have an organic garden and chickens...a few workshops so we can make things and room to just be free!  It's very earthy out here.  We don't have as many Bend Park and Rec ammenitys...but we also don't have to pay those taxes either.  There are some great bike trails down the road and we are very close to the river as well.

The home we are building is shown here in this link:    The home will be the upgraded signature series.  I think it's going to be a very nice home myself!  I am truly grateful.

Although building is a lot of work, we decided to go this route because we did not want to have to find extra funds to remodel a lot of the older homes on larger lots that were in our price range.  It ends up being a lot more affordable to build...and were helping to put people back to work in our community!


gold tag letter initials charm necklace
 Mother's Necklace - Gold Letter Alphabet Charm Necklace

I have been adding a few new things to the shop...although not as much as I would like.  With the house stuff and jewelry orders I have been keeping pretty busy.  But, once I get moved in within the next 3 months...I can't wait to let it all out! 

Gold is just beautiful. I wish it were not so crazy expensive!

gold mothers birthstone ring
Mother's Ring - Gold Engraved Birthstone Ring- Name Ring

Gold is also harder for me to photograph. I don't know why.  Anyone have any tips?  But this ring is so much more beautiful in real life...   Setting flush set stones in the gold ring band was also a bit more challenging, but this ring came out great.  Colored stones are softer then diamonds and gold is harder then silver..but it worked out!

Mother's Day is just around the corner folks! I better get busy now!

Thanks for stopping in...please check back as I update the progress of the new house and yup my new workshop!  It's why were doing all of this!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's a new day! We're building a new home with Adair Homes!

Well the day has finally come!  We are beginning the building of our new home and work shop!  Yes!  Did I say work shop?  I did!  
The year 2013 has been a glorious ride!  I spent last year selling my retail store business and our home.  My husband and I made the decision to get out of debt and to start over at a much lower cost housing situation. And, we are.  I really wanted to focus on my jewelry business and by getting out of debt, I am able to do so!  YAY!

I have to admit..I had barely a moment's chance to blog about all of this.  Honestly, it wasn't much fun and it has been tough with moving and moving and moving...  I felt really negative a lot because selling my last home was emotionally tough and I could not find anything really happy to "talk" about then it felt.

But, we have made it through all the selling of stuff! It feels liberating.   I am now free to really focus on my jewelry business and getting the new home built with our builders... I am excited again and will be blogging about the process and all. 

 building an adair home 1952 plan

 The footings to the foundation were set last week finally!  We actually started our construction loan process in November 2013.  By the time all of the construction loan and county building permits were finally done, we then had to wait for the weather to finally work with us. It's now March's about time!

Were excited!  The home were building is on Adair Homes  web page here:

We are building a signature series home with a few upgrades.  It will have an enclosed work shop space that will be insulated and warm!! Yes...warm!  We were able to pick out an affordable 1.1 acre lot 10 minutes from downtown.  We plan to have a small organic veggie garden and chickens for eggs!

Sterling  Silver Druzy Cross Bracelet
I have spent the last year handcrafting jewelry which mostly was ordered on Etsy as well as a few here and there local custom orders.  I was able to squeeze in a wax carving workshop, but have not had a chance to really get into wax so much because we were selling the house and I could never get into it with so much cleaning for the process!

Now that I am in a pretty small rental, I am limited still once I am all snug in the new shop...I am planning to carve wax! I honestly can't wait.

silver druzy cross bracelet
Sterling  Silver Druzy Cross Bracelet

I have to admit that life has it's process and every good plan takes time.  I feel extremely happy and grateful to be where I am it with my work, family, friends and home.  My husband and I feel relieved to be in a much more affordable mortgage.  We are "starting over" but,  we actually can now see the "light" at the end of this tunnel of debt.  It has taken some hard lessons and emotions for us in the last 7 years especially dealing with such a terrible economy.

Chuck and I can look at each other and feel good about things.... we have endured.  And to me, this alone lends a great feature to our relationship.  Love just means so much more when you endure and accomplish things together.  I know my faith in God has grown stronger because of it as well too.

I am going to be blogging regularly about the process of the home with Adair.  So please check back!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's in your heart!

New in the shop! A gorgeous sterling silver heart with your favorite gemstones!!!
This piece would be great for a Valentines gift or Mother's Day gift.

hand crafted silver heart necklace with birthstones

mothers birthstone heart necklace

mothers heart  flush set birthstone silver necklace

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What a good feeling it is...

statement necklace
Made this today>  Argentium Silver - Make a statement necklace...literally!

I have to admit, it's a great feeling being back in the shop, completely focused for once! Wow!   It's been nice this last few weeks being able to just finally relax and play a little.  My family and I have been skiing a few days here and there. It's getting so expensive to even it is becoming more of a treat.  We use to say "skiing at Mt. Bachelor was like going to Disneyland!"  But now, it's more like going to Hawaii or something...

mens wedding band
Unisex Wedding Band - Oxidized Argentium Silver - Looks Like Gun Metal
 I have been able to add a few new designs into my shop today!  I also had a chance to update my "About Me" page on Etsy..finally!  Check it out..tell me your thoughts. It's kind of hard writing your own story..  I mean, where does a person like me even begin?

I also cleaned my forsaken hell of a messy ass shop! Thank God..I did it and you know what? It feels GREAT!  Chuck set up a new bench he bought me for my rolling mill that I took 4 months to pay off.  So, I have one now..and that's a good thing for me, working with gold..I can reuse and recycle it much easier.

Don't tell me..I know, I need my safety glasses! I did put them on about a second later after this pic was taken!

I know your wondering if this is much cleaner of a shop?  Well it is, trust me.  I will have to post some photo's in few days of the shop.  Show you how far I have come with all of this.  I really like my "studio"..only more if it had real heat.  It can be cold..and having a runny nose and cold fingers doesn't make it that much fun.  I have learned to do 25 jumping jacks about every 10 minutes these days!

I have a super busy weekend coming up. We have some friends from Joplin, Missouri stopping in for a ski fest. Yes, we have Italians in the house and that means fun and lot's of food!  Living only 20 minutes from Mt. Bachelor...makes life a littler nicer.  We are definitely blessed..and I know I am grateful to be here!

Take care y'all! I will be checking back in the next few days!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Helene's Dreams is back in the shop!! Yay!!

Rosecut Peridot Gemstone 14k Gold Stacking Ring

My friends! I am back. My gosh it has been awhile!  My life has been so crazy for the last 2 1/2 months.  For those of you who know me..I also used to own an actual retail store..brick and mortar store. It was a mailing shipping franchise store..and I recently sold it! Yes..SOLD!  I have decided to make the choice of doing what I   I am just so excited!  I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life!  I enjoyed the store too and I will miss my friends, but I am looking forward to a world of change!  The official transition has taken place as of Feb.1, 2013.  It is a new chapter in my life.

 Birthstone necklace - great for Mother's Day gift!
I have to admit that I have been a juggling act for the last ten years of my life! I have been literally searching for my path trying to find what it is I really want to do and be has not been so easy.  I am grateful for my very supportive husband and family.  My goal is to stay completely focused only on my jewelry shop.  I am looking forward to being focused on my passion.  I honestly just want to take a moment and say " Thank you God, for this day!"  For I am truly grateful to be here.

I don't have any new works at the moment. These photo's are of some projects I did last fall. I really need some new designs and I am going to be working on them next week as I am just dying to get back into the swing of things!

Cheers Everyone!  Thanks for the read! We'll see you in the shop!